Marie Turcotte and Ex aequo clear away barriers

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June 3, 2024 •  By Centraide
Groupe de gens en situation de handicap à l'organisme Ex aequo

Marie Turcotte has been fighting for the rights of people with motor disabilities for over 30 years. Today, she is as dedicated to the cause as ever. Significant progress has been made but universal accessibility is still a challenge in Greater Montreal, one that she is determined to overcome.

Marie’s efforts benefit not only people in wheelchairs but also parents with children in strollers, travellers with suitcases, cyclists with bikes on the metro, the elderly, the fatigued and the temporarily disabled. In short, sooner or later, we will all benefit from Marie’s work. 

Marie joined Ex aequo, a Centraide-supported agency, in 1992 as an architectural and urban accessibility technician. The quality of her work was quickly recognized and she moved up to Executive Assistant to Ex aequo founder Pierre-Yves Lévesque, likewise known for his commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities. Marie succeeded him as Executive Director in 2016. 

“Ex aequo’s greatest strength is its members.”  

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Ex aequo has received ongoing support from Centraide since it was founded in the early 1980s. Over the years, the agency has contributed to progress on multiple issues in transportation, municipal affairs, health and social services, housing, parenting and citizen action.

In this video, Marie talks about Ex aequo’s services and her dream for the future.

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