Training and supporting
community leaders

The Leadership rassembleur™ program[1] was developed by Centraide in collaboration with Dynamo – Ressource en mobilisation des collectivités. The first cohort took place in 2007. The program supports the action of key community stakeholders and strengthens dynamic and inclusive leadership within these communities.

It aims to:

  • Provide a safe space where leaders can gain new energy and develop as people who have chosen to commit to collective action.
  • Create a vibrant, supportive learning community that can support the social commitment and development of its members.
  • Let participants enhance their strategic and technical skills.
  • Strengthen leaders’ ability to mobilize their communities around a shared vision of social development and support them in carrying out concrete actions.

Who is this training for?

Initially offered to local or regional collective bodies involved in community engagement and social development, the program is now available to all agencies supported by Centraide of Greater Montreal.

Since 2018, participation has also been open to stakeholders from some agencies not supported by Centraide. They must, however, be actively involved in developing their community, for example in neighbourhoods supported by the Collective Impact Project.

How does the program work?

The current structure of the program, which has evolved over the years, consists of a total of 4 weeks of training over the course of a year (one week per season: April, June, October and January).

A short formula incorporating concepts surrounding leadership in a diversity context has been offered since spring 2023. The training takes place over 4 continuous two-day sessions, as well as a one-day assessment-recognition session.

For more details, visit the Dynamo – Ressource en mobilisation des collectivités website.

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[1] Leadership rassembleurTM is a registered trademark owned by Centraide of Greater Montreal and used under license by Dynamo – Ressource en mobilisation des collectivités. 2010 Centraide of Greater Montreal. © All rights reserved.

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