How do your donations get where they need to go?

February 2, 2022 •  By Centraide
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Every dollar entrusted to Centraide improves the living conditions and quality of life of vulnerable people and families in Greater Montreal.

Each investment in our agency network is based on unique social and in-the-field expertise that Centraide has developed for nearly 50 years. Centraide can therefore guarantee that your social investment is both safe and lasting.

An effective process based on Centraide’s unique social expertise

1. Collaborate

Throughout the year, Centraide’s social development counsellors maintain close relationships with Greater Montreal’s neighbourhoods and their roundtables, community agencies and other partners involved in the fight against poverty and social exclusion (e.g., schools, the health care network, the boroughs).

2. Understand and support

Constantly working on the ground with neighbourhoods gives Centraide an in-depth understanding of the needs of vulnerable individuals and families and the ability to support community agencies as effectively possible. More than a funding body, Centraide is a true partner.  

Support to strengthen agencies

Through partnerships with community training resources, Centraide-supported agencies are encouraged to develop their management and leadership skills. Centraide also helps them evaluate their results.

3. Orient

Centraide produces territorial analyses and strategic plans to guide its investment choices.These tools describe the situation in each neighbourhood and propose investment options based on needs that are aligned with Centraide’s orientations:

  • Support youth success
  • Take care of the essentials: housing and food security
  • Break the social isolation of marginalized people
  • Build caring communities

4. Evaluate

Each agency, whether renewing its contract or receiving support for the first time, is evaluated against specific performance criteria:

  • Relevance to its community.
  • Action strategies to promote lasting solutions.
  • Tools to measure and promote its results.
  • Collective practices with other agencies in its community.
  • Management practices and governance.

Invaluable citizen input about Centraide’s investments

Agency performance is evaluated by a team of volunteers in a compliance unit headed by Centraide’s social development advisors.

5. Prioritize

The annual investment scenario accounts for the territorial plans and analyses as well as agency performance. This scenario is submitted to the Social Development Investment Committee, which includes a dozen volunteers whose expertise deepens thinking about these investments and ensures that the recommendations are in line with Centraide’s priorities and orientations.

6. Invest

A final proposal is then submitted for approval to the Board of Directors. Ad-hoc investments can be made during the year depending on needs in the field and available funding.

7. Achieve results

After reaching their final destination, your donations support about 350 community agencies and collective projects in every Greater Montreal community. These agencies are characterized by their roots in the community, their ability to innovate and collaborate with other partners, and their actions to promote individual empowerment. Overall, they help 800,000 people.

Your donation: a social investment safe and lasting!