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Major philanthropists choose Centraide to contribute to the social development of Greater Montreal and provide a safety net for vulnerable members of the population. Their enthusiasm and generosity are a great source of strength.

Major Donors contribute to Centraide with personal donations of $10,000 or more. They form a network of more than 625 donors in the Major Donors’ Circle, which is overseen by the Major Donors Cabinet, a group of influential volunteers who personally solicit donations from their peers.

The impact of your donation

The impact of your donation: Every year, Centraide invests $50,000 in each of the 30 family centres in its network. Located in as many Greater Montreal neighbourhoods, these resources provide assistance to 90,000 children and parents.

I am extremely pleased to serve as Chair of the Major Donors’ Circle. My deep commitment to Centraide comes from the chance to work with so many people who make a real difference in the fight to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion in Greater Montreal. With the help of the cabinet team and Lino, I’m committed to continue building on this solid foundation.”

Isabelle Marcoux, Chair of the Major Donors’ Circle

As a member of the Major Donors’ Circle, you’ll receive :

  • A recognition cocktail on behalf of Lino Saputo Jr., honorary chair of the Major Donors’ Circle.
  • A luncheon and presentation on Centraide’s investments, offered by the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.
  • A personal meeting with a Centraide representative about community issues and philanthropic objectives.
  • Activities in organizations supported by Centraide, in groups or customized for the donor and their family.
  • Networking opportunities with people from all walks of life in the Greater Montreal Community.


This directory presents all the Major donors who have contributed to Centraide over the past year. Find out by filtering your search by name or by donor category.

Christine et Paul Zucker
Karine Barrette et Frédéric Yale-Leduc
Lorayne et Christopher Winn
Famille Darryl et Cassandra White
Susan et Jonathan Wener
André Waechter

Major Donors and Gold Leaders Directory 2019

The list of donors who have contributed to Centraide with a personal donation of $5,000 or more, punctuated by eloquent testimonials.