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Major philanthropists choose Centraide to contribute to the social development of Greater Montreal and provide a safety net for vulnerable members of the population. Their enthusiasm and generosity are a great source of strength.

Major Donors contribute to Centraide with personal donations of $10,000 or more. They form a network of more than 760 donors in the Major Donors’ Circle, which is overseen by the Major Donors Cabinet, a group of influential volunteers who personally solicit donations from their peers.

Challenges that have been exacerbated in recent years have reinforced the importance of a strong social safety net for those most in need in our community. By continuing and even scaling up our efforts, we can help them overcome the main hardships in their daily lives, such as food insecurity, housing issues, academic struggles, or mental health problems. Your donations have a major impact on our communities and let us envision a society in which everyone has a place.”

Eric La Flèche, Chair of the Major Donors’ Circle

As a member of the Major Donors’ Circle, you’ll receive :

  • A recognition cocktail offered exclusively to the members of the Circle.
  • A personal meeting with a Centraide representative about community issues and philanthropic objectives.
  • Activities in organizations supported by Centraide.
  • Networking opportunities with people from all walks of life in the Greater Montreal Community.
  • Recognition in the Major Donors Directory.


This directory presents all the Major donors who have contributed to Centraide over the past year. Find out by filtering your search by name or by donor category.

Maxime Boissonneault
Arun Bajaj and Deborah Reiskind
Louis-Philippe Berti
Hélène Robitaille et Pierre Beaudoin
Marie-Andrée Beaudry
Janine Bombardier et Sadok Besrour
David Bensadoun and Isabelle Poirier
Grégoire Baillargeon et Nathalie Forcier
Natalie Lemieux et Alain Auclair

2021 Major Donors and Gold Leaders Directory

The list of donors who have contributed to Centraide with a personal donation of $5,000 or more, punctuated by eloquent testimonials.

2021 Major Donors and Gold Leaders Directory