To fulfill its mission to fight poverty and social exclusion, Centraide of Greater Montreal aims to speak out to influence the community and let people know how important it is to act on the causes of poverty and reduce its impacts. Thanks to its specialized social and philanthropic development teams, Centraide brings people together to harness the strengths and expertise of partners from all backgrounds.

It is in this role that we are launching the Speaking Truths series that will unite stakeholders in Greater Montreal to talk about key poverty issues. Guided by a concrete, innovative and collaborative approach, the Speaking Truths series will invite everyone concerned by these issues to develop partnerships—which may come from unexpected places—so that we can collectively increase our impact.

No single organization can claim to have the solution.

Involvement must come from all sectors:


Community agencies and roundtables.

Business community.

Institutions, all three levels of government, and more.

By pushing our collaborative efforts further, learning from both amazing work and missteps over the years, and daring to carry out bold initiatives, we can build an inclusive society that embraces diversity and lets everyone fully realize their potential.

In these post-pandemic and inflationary times, our society has to support people who don’t have the same chances in life and who find themselves in vulnerable situations. By identifying and framing each effect of poverty within a broader systemic vision, we can set ambitious social transformation goals. We can do this in partnership with committed and diverse stakeholders with whom we have established shared indicators of success.

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Speaking Truths on Housing

Access to adequate and affordable housing has emerged as a key issue in the fight against inequality and poverty. The housing crisis in Greater Montreal has exacerbated the precarious situations of more and more people, which has a domino effect on other concerning social issues, such as childhood development, mental health, food security, domestic violence, and homelessness, to name just a few. This is why it is essential for the first edition of Speaking Truths to focus on housing.

In spring 2022, Centraide of Greater Montreal created a working group to: 

  1. Identify housing issues and create a quantitative and qualitative profile of housing in the territory.
  2. Compile studies, initiatives and opportunities that can provide potential solutions to the identified issues.
  3. Determine how Speaking Truths can be a platform to make these potential solutions a reality (supports, experimentation, demonstration, etc.). 

Learn about various initiatives related to the Speaking Truths on Housing:

Together for Housing

On May 15, 2023, we held the first edition of our Speaking Truths series on the subject of housing: an inspiring gathering for the community called Together for Housing. The goal of the day-long event was to come together and join forces to identify measures with the potential to end the housing crisis in Greater Montreal.

Vital Signs on Housing

On November 22, 2022,Centraide of Greater Montreal, the Foundation of Greater Montreal, and the Institut du Québec released data from Vital Signs on Housing, a report that addressed the housing situation in Greater Montreal. This publication is a key part of Centraide’s mobilization efforts to help Greater Montreal overcome its current housing crisis.

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