Thinking about the future of Greater Montreal: a legacy for Centraide 

October 14, 2023 •  By Centraide
France Séguin, bénévole

I have been a steadfast supporter of Centraide all my life and, as I have watched the years go by, I recently started thinking that I could give more than my regular donation.

I therefore made the moral decision to leave a legacy gift to Centraide of Greater Montreal. This way, part of my estate will go toward ensuring that future generations can keep benefiting from the programs and initiatives of agencies supported by Centraide. This decision to commit and contribute to my community is from the heart. Giving back makes you happy, helps you live better, and even softens the blow of your own mortality.

Building the future through giving

Although at the age of 66 I’m still young, this is a time when you look back and take stock of how far you’ve come. I feel like someone who has been very lucky. I grew up in a home that, though modest, was healthy and well-adjusted. I have been so fortunate, as my years have been both full and fulfilling. Deep down, I’ve always felt like I had really won the lottery of life.

Other people find themselves in hard times due to trauma, isolation or crushing hardship, and often from nothing they’ve done. What they need is empathy, compassion and kindness. No one is safe from setbacks, distress or affliction. I support Centraide because the philosophy behind their immense work can be found in these three words:

Generosity – Compassion – Caring

Séparateur bonhommes Centraide

I can’t imagine what Greater Montreal’s social fabric would be like if Centraide weren’t there to support a multitude of community agencies and projects in my city. Centraide alone is an essential service, and I fear that it will become even more necessary and vital in the future.

Centraide must keep going as long as Greater Montreal exists so that it can keep passing on the values of sharing and social justice to this city of mine, which I love, and to Quebec and the rest of the world. That is my deepest wish.

– France Séguin — Planned Giving Donor

France Séguin has declared her intention to make a planned donation to Centraide of Greater Montreal
as part of the Planned Giving Campaign – 50th Anniversary

Séparateur bonhommes Centraide

1 out of 5 people receives our help.
5 out of 5 people benefit from it.

Let’s all lend a hand

Supporting a network of over 375 community agencies also means promoting an inclusive, poverty-free society.