Sharing resources
to maximize impact

In a context of labour shortages, a lack of office space, and rising costs amid an abundance of innovative projects, Centraide, which is always attuned to the needs of agencies, aims to support their efforts to share resources.

In spring 2023, Centraide brought together community stakeholders to create the webinar Mutualization: Opening up to a world of opportunities | Pooling and sharing resources.

What is mutualization?

Mutualization refers to the pooling of resources, expertise, knowledge and work between different organizations to achieve common goals.

Mutualization lets agencies maximize their impact by working together rather than in isolation while avoiding duplicating services.

Specifically, mutualization lets agencies:

  • Reinforce skills and resources
  • Gain a fresh perspective to tackle issues differently
  • Learn from the practices of others
  • Learn new skills or knowledge
  • Improve their activities
  • Expand their influence and reach
  • Develop a culture of collaboration

Discover two mutualization initiatives

The document also includes an introduction the core concepts of mutualization.

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