50 years of generosity: Veronica Lopez’s experience

May 10, 2024 •  By Centraide
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Veronica Lopez is the Executive Director of Cloverdale Multi-Ressources, an agency that works with families from no fewer than 35 different cultural communities. Thanks to support from Centraide, she has built a strong and diverse team to help them. These resources are so important given the unprecedented shortage of labour affecting the community sector.

In honour of our 50th anniversary celebrations, Veronica sat down to tell us about her experience.

Putting the “human” in human resources 

I have had an extraordinary experience over the past 25 years as the executive director of Cloverdale Multi-Ressources (CMR), one of the agencies funded by Centraide.

Financial support from Centraide provides our agency with core funding that gives us direction and stability to fulfill our mission to let children and families develop in a stimulating environment.

I have participated in a long list of programs and enriching experiences that foster the well-being and social integration of vulnerable families. But one thing I am particularly proud of is how we make our staff part of this great humanitarian chain of well-being and positive impacts for our society’s vulnerable people.

Just like the people we help, our staff are from around the world; they put their hearts into our mission, and their multicultural backgrounds create human understanding and empathy as they strengthen our social fabric.

Coordinating the integration and support of professional and supportive human resources gives me so much pride. A committed team and dedicated partners are key to building a caring community environment that brings people together.

I thank Centraide for its unique contribution that lets community agencies respond to urgent needs in our society and that reinforces generosity and compassion.

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary and on your lasting impact on the community!

“Coordinating the integration and support of professional and supportive human resources gives me so much pride.” 

– Veronica Lopez, Executive Director, Cloverdale Multi-Ressources

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