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February 8, 2022 •  By Centraide

Our donors have outdone themselves and helped Centraide set a new record!

Although the pandemic has turned many things in our lives upside down, it hasn’t changed our sense of caring and generosity toward vulnerable people. The proof? Centraide’s campaign has broken records by exceeding the $60-million mark for two years in a row. This year, $62,639,750 was raised in the Greater Montreal community!

Our 2021 campaign co-chairs, Maria Della Posta and Darryl White, have done an outstanding job. We knew they would get us there, and they went above and beyond. Claude Pinard, Centraide’s new President and Executive Director, is immensely grateful for the hard work by the thousands of volunteers who actively helped us achieve these outstanding results.

“A tremendous thank-you to our two co-chairs and to everyone who responded to this vast call for generosity. The strength of Centraide’s network is that everyone can work together to quickly meet changing needs.”

—Claude Pinard
President and Executive Direcor of Centraide of Greater Montreal

The result when so many people come together 


98 00098,000 people donated to the campaign that began in September.


Over 600 companies and organizations made corporate donations and got the ball rolling for employee campaigns. Their contribution alone accounted for nearly 80% of the money raised.


Hundreds of awareness activities connected potential donors with community workers as well as with individuals and families who get help from Centraide-supported agencies.

A future full of challenges 

The past year has been difficult for everyone and the coming months will continue to challenge community agencies: the homelessness sector is in turmoil, students are falling behind in school, access to housing is a growing concern, and emergency food aid centres are struggling to provide what’s needed.

These challenges require everyone to work together, and Centraide will be on the front lines to help community agencies meet these needs.

Centraide is a unifying organization that brings together businesses, institutions and the community. While these sectors may seem like worlds apart, they can nevertheless overcome incredible challenges when they share the same goal of fighting poverty and social exclusion to build a stronger, fairer and more inclusive Greater Montreal.

A guarantee that the money raised will be soundly invested

Whether the goal is to break the social isolation of families, seniors or marginalized people, promote the success of young people, secure better housing conditions, or achieve food security for everyone, each investment in our network of agencies is based on Centraide’s unique social expertise acquired in the field for nearly 50 years. Check out our blog post How do your donations get where they need to go? to better understand the route your donation takes to becoming a safe and lasting social investment.

Thank you so much

The outstanding commitment of organizations and individuals to the campaign was recognized at a virtual event on February 8. The Solidaires 2021 event also acknowledged the agencies and community workers on the ground every day to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

A link to a recording of this event will be available soon.