digital transformation

DATAide helps community agencies execute and succeed in their digital transformation. This initiative is a joint response to the issues and challenges that prevent organizations from fully capitalizing on the digital transformation. DATAide is also an opportunity to adapt the digital transformation to the community sector’s principles and values. 

The program consists of an orientation webinar, a training component, and a leadership support lab. A grant program is also available to help organizations effectively support their digital transformation initiatives.

DATAide goals:
Icône Culture numérique

Help develop a digital culture in the community sector and encourage ethical practices

Icône Compétence

Support community organizations as they learn and build technology skills

Icône Innovation

Help organizations contribute to developing applications with high social utility

The program aims to:

  • Reach 3,000 organizations in the community sector to educate them about digital transition opportunities
  • Provide digital skills training to staff at over 180 organizations
  • Support 60 community leaders in their digital transition projects
  • Allocate 500 grants (for equipment and licence purchases and digital transformation projects)

For more details, visit the DATAide website.

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