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Press releases

For our COVID-19 relief efforts, the Centraide campaign launch, and investment announcements, consult our most recent press releases.

Investment of $1 million from BMO
Investment of $1 million from BMO
December 16, 2021 •  By Cristina Roque
Centraide of Greater Montreal receives $1 million donation from BMO to better understand social issues  Montreal, December 16, 2021 -…
Michèle Thibodeau-DeGuire Award
Michèle Thibodeau-DeGuire Award
December 13, 2021 •  By Cristina Roque
Centraide of Greater Montreal presents the Michèle Thibodeau-DeGuire Award to Isabelle Marcoux Montreal, December 13, 2021 – Centraide of Greater…
Launch of Centraide Campaign 2021
Launch of Centraide Campaign 2021
September 29, 2021 •  By Cristina Roque
Poverty can impact anyone Centraide, the largest non-governmental investor of the social and community sector, is launching its annual fundraising…
Co-chairs of the 2021 Centraide Campaign
Co-chairs of the 2021 Centraide Campaign
May 17, 2021 •  By Cristina Roque
Centraide of Greater Montreal annouces co-chairs for its 2021 campaign Montreal, May 17, 2021 – The business community is already mobilizing for Centraide of Greater…
2020 result and Solidaires
2020 result and Solidaires
February 2, 2021 •  By Sophie Hébert
An incredible outpouring of generosity for Centraide of Greater Montreal’s 2020 campaign Montreal, February 3, 2021 – This afternoon at its…
Impact of all COVID-19 emergency funds
Impact of all COVID-19 emergency funds
December 8, 2020 •  By Sophie Hébert
Centraide of Greater Montreal deploys unprecedented support: Emergency funding of $24M allocated to 635 community agencies in Greater Montreal since the…
2020 Centraide’s Campaign Launch
2020 Centraide’s Campaign Launch
September 8, 2020 •  By Sophie Hébert
Centraide of Greater Montreal launches its 2020 campaign: A great outpouring of generosity to reduce poverty and social exclusion Montreal, September 9,…
Our investments in 2019-2020
Our investments in 2019-2020
July 15, 2020 •  By Sophie Hébert
Centraide of Greater Montreal invests over $65 million to provide essential support to our community’s most vulnerable Montreal, July 15,…

Opinion letters

Read our op-ed on topics related to poverty, social exclusion, and support for community agencies.

October 17, 2020

Les inégalités sociales : une réalité trop souvent reléguée au second plan 


April 2, 2020 

Pas de pause pour les organismes communautaire


February 11, 2020 

Jacques Ménard, un homme engagé et rassembleur 


October, 13 and 17, 2019 

Face à la pauvreté, ne soyons #JamaisIndifférents! 



June 14, 2019 

RÉPLIQUE OPDS : Pourquoi les gens font confiance à Centraide 



September 15, 2018 

Réduire la pauvreté : un vrai projet de société ! 


Reducing poverty Our society’s dream 


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