Slam: “Tissé serré”

September 9, 2020 •  By Centraide
Deux mains qui se tiennent dans un coeur

During the recent crisis, we have all felt the increased importance of “togetherness.” Despite the distance, we have found ways to help and support each other from one end of Greater Montreal to the other, because our great social fabric was already tightly woven.

This spoken word piece is a message of love to the people of Greater Montreal. It is an ode to the resilient and engaged communities in our cities, towns and neighbourhoods. It relates our story of struggle and hope to reduce inequality.

This poem is yours. Watch the video and share it.

Created by François Ollivier et Cédric Conti  — Performed by Élémo and Roen Higgins, two spoken word poets from the Francophone and Anglophone communities of the Greater Montreal area — Produced by Juliane Le Pouezard — Made possible thanks to the collaboration of many generous and committed people whom we sincerely thank.