Making sound investments

May 15, 2020 •  By Centraide

COVID-19 has triggered an outbreak of needs among community agencies that provide essential services.

Read about how our Emergency Fund works, analyzes requests and ensures that every dollar is soundly invested.


I’m lucky to have been part of the daily meetings of the EAG! [Emergency Allocations Group!] since the start of the crisis. At these 5@7 sessions, the EAG! team reviews all recommendations to the Emergency Fund based on its criteria and the guidelines and priorities we set to meet the many needs of our neighbourhoods and cities.

Fortunately, these recommendations come from an excellent team of social development advisers whose in-depth knowledge of these neighbourhoods lets us adapt to issues and needs on a daily basis. This team is doing colossal work to support our communities as quickly as possible. Thanks to this team, the EAG! can approve an average of 30 projects a day.

For me, the EAG! has also been an incredible demonstration of the resilience, adaptability, and creativity of the people who work at community agencies. It also shows how our communities are coming together to face the adversity of this crisis by sharing their strengths, expertise, and resources.”

Caroline Bougie
Volunteer Chair of the Social Development Investment Committee of Centraide of Greater Montreal and, in this capacity, member of the EAG! (Emergency Allocations Group!)