Our allies, today and for
the future

We are proud to work with donors who, in addition to contributing to the annual campaign, support Centraide’s long-term mission with planned donations.

Donors who plan a donation fall into two categories: inheritance donors and legacy donors. Their generosity is expressed in a variety of ways, from a life insurance policy or a bequest in a will to the creation of an endowment fund or the allocation of assets from an RRSP or RRIF.

Benefits of making a planned donation include:

  • Values of mutual aid and generosity that endure for future generations.
  • Long-term support that ensures Centraide’s longevity.
  • Tax benefits for the donor and their inheritors.

We are currently going through a difficult period, which has had a major impact on inequality in Greater Montreal. In this climate of uncertainty, Centraide has been proactive and fast to react, quickly raising and allocating funds to key agencies and providing targeted aid to the vulnerable populations that have been most affected by the crisis. This agility and expertise motivated me to create a bequest in my will for Centraide so that future generations will also be able to benefit from its presence in Greater Montreal. A great way to do our part is to help reduce inequality in the cities we love and live in, even after we’re gone.”

Stéphane Paquet
vice-president, TD Wealth Management
Stéphane Paquet, his daughters, Émanuelle and Marine, and their dog Molly

Thank you to the Forever Fund’s Donors!

To all who made a planned gift to Centraide to help us fight against poverty and social exclusion in the Greater Montreal area for generations to come!

  • Sylvie Amar
  • André Bérard
  • Nathalie Bernier
  • Monique and Guy Bisaillon
  • Jean-Guy Bissonnette
  • Anne-Marie Boucher and Mitch Garber
  • Fonds Micheline and Pierre L. Comtois
  • Pierre Corriveau
  • Johanne Côté
  • Fondation Francine and Bernard Dorval
  • Tania Dupont and Éric Michaud
  • Famille Frizon Pereša
  • Hélène Gagné
  • Monique Gauthier
  • Royal A. Govain
  • Jean-Benoît Grégoire Rousseau and Émilie Goodyear
  • Valérie Hensley and Lenore Beitel
  • Pierre Joly
  • Micheline Labelle
  • Marlène Laberge
  • Normand Lavoie
  • Christine Lutfy
  • Isabelle Marcoux and François Olivier
  • Denis Nantel
  • Irene Nattel and Louis Morissette
  • Michelle Riopel and John Mustard
  • Suzanne Legge and Jeffrey Orr
  • Jennifer Paquet and Nicholas Bellows
  • Stéphane Paquet
  • Pierre E. Paquette
  • Jean Paré
  • Heather and Jonathan Powers
  • Carolyn and Richard Renaud
  • Miriam Aaron Roland
  • Amelia and Lino A. Saputo
  • Francine Roy and Claude Séguin
  • Norman Steinberg and Renee Kessler
  • Kenny Tang and Kimmy Sieu
  • Andrée and Paul M. Tellier
  • Sheila Usher
  • And twenty-three anonymous donors

To learn more about the Forever fund, contact Emanuel Euvrard by telephone 514 437-3564, or by filling out the form.