50 years of solidarity: What Centraide means to Yves Bellavance

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June 26, 2024 •  By Centraide
Photo Yves Bellavance

A leading figure in local collective action in Montreal, Yves Bellavance has headed the Coalition montréalaise des Tables de quartier (CMTQ) for over 15 years. He has made an undeniable contribution to the development and recognition of the territorial approach. A loyal Centraide partner, he sits on a number of committees, including those of the Initiative montréalaise de soutien au développement social local and the Collective Impact Project. 

In honour of our 50th anniversary celebrations, Yves told us what Centraide means to him. 

Centraide of Greater Montreal is 50. Happy anniversary!

For 25 years, Centraide of Greater Montreal has chosen to play a crucial role in developing Montreal’s neighbourhoods by recognizing their roundtables as the cornerstone of a community development strategy and territorial approach. And Centraide is continuing to build on this success.  

Today, we can see how much these investments in neighbourhoods are paying off. After the pandemic, Mario Régis clearly summed up how this approach works for Montreal, as the crisis showed the relevance of the neighbourhood roundtables and how beneficial they are for our communities. And Centraide has contributed by adopting this strategy and supporting this network. 

A list of everyone at Centraide—from their management team to their teams in the field—who have believed in this approach would fill up this entire testimonial.  But I do want to tip my hat to Odette Viens, who confirmed at our 2011 retreat that the CMTQ should take up more space in Montreal’s public social and political space. 

Centraide has supported the development of the CMTQ and the network, and we are now a key stakeholder in the Montreal landscape. We made this progress by moving toward a relationship based on trust and transparency. As we have travelled this road, we have even stopped at times to inspire others with what we have learned. 

Happy anniversary! 

« We have come this far by moving toward a relationship based on trust and transparency.”

– Yves Bellavance, General manager, Coalition montréalaise des Tables de quartier (CMTQ) 

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