No matter its size
every donation counts

Thanks to your support and trust, Centraide can increase its action to fight poverty and social exclusion in all Greater Montreal neighbourhoods and communities.

Every donation is important. When added to thousands of others, your gift becomes a powerful force to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people.

Your donation can make all the difference

Single donation

Each donation helps improve living conditions for thousands of children, youths, families and seniors. No matter how big or how small, your donation is important as it supports programs, activities and services that not only reduce the effects of poverty but also break the cycle of poverty that many children become trapped in.

In Montreal, one in three children grows up in a family in a situation of poverty that lacks the resources and support to provide each child with the right conditions to develop.

A gift of $50 will provide 1 year of home tutoring to help a student and their family catch up on academic ground lost due to remote schooling.

Monthly donation

Monthly donation is an effective way to help your community throughout the year. These donations go toward supporting the work of community agencies, assisting even more vulnerable people, implementing sustainable solutions and providing essential services throughout Greater Montreal.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people have fallen into food insecurity, meaning that they sometimes or often lack food.

A monthly donation of $20 (or $240 a year) will provide 240 frozen meals to families who have become food insecure due to the pandemic.


  • Monthly giving is simple and practical!
  • You can give a higher amount that won’t impact your budget as much.
  • Pre-authorized debits are made on the 1st of each month from your bank account or credit card in the amount you choose.
  • You can always increase, decrease, suspend or cancel your donations at any time by contacting us.

You will receive an official tax receipt in the mail for all your donations for the year.

Gift Acceptance Policy

Centraide of Greater Montreal and Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation – December 2020

In Memoriam or Tribute Donation

Making a donation to Centraide of Greater Montreal in memory of someone who has passed away lets you show your sympathy while making a valuable contribution to your community.

But these donations are not just for sad events, as you can also make a donation to honour a loved one or celebrate an important event, starting with your own birthday. Forget the gifts and ask your friends to make donations to celebrate a special birthday milestone.  A baptism, wedding, graduation, or retirement are all events that can be celebrated with a tribute donation.

Your generosity can make all the difference

A donation of $25 will cover 1 hour of outreach for street youth, a group whose mental health has suffered during this difficult time.

Let others know about your contribution

For an in memoriam or tribute donation, you can let the family or the person you are honouring know about your act of generosity.

Your commitment can make all the difference!

Add your voice to ours by making a major donation on behalf of your company, organizing an employee campaign, lending your human resources, or donating advertising space. The commitment of Greater Montreal businesses and organizations is what allows Centraide to make such an impact on Greater Montreal’s social cohesion, which benefits us all.

Major gifts

These gifts are a unique way for your company to become socially involved and contribute to the well-being of Greater Montreal.

Centraide workplace campaign

What a great way to get people to come together! A campaign lets employees help improve the living conditions in their city or neighbourhood. Learn more

Matched donation

Motivate giving! Matching the amount that your employees raise will encourage them to donate.

Loaning or sponsoring human resources

These staff members provide an invaluable boost to the annual Centraide campaign. Learn more

Donations of ad space

A generous way to get the word out! These donations let Centraide raise public awareness around social issues without incurring advertising costs.

Planned Gifts

No matter the value of your estate, you can leave a legacy that enhances the well-being of your fellow Montrealers. Your planned gift will help build the future of Greater Montreal, a community that you care about and where your children, grandchildren and friends will surely follow in your footsteps of support and generosity.

Your legacy can make all the difference!

Gifts in wills

Once you have taken care of your family and your loved ones, you may choose to leave a donation to Centraide and its Foundation by including these wishes in your will. There are many ways to make a bequest in your will.

Read the brochure

Gifts of life insurance

Your life insurance policy can have a much bigger impact than you might think. There are many ways to make a significant donation through a life insurance policy.

Read the brochure

Endowment fund

More than just a donation, an endowment fund is a long-term investment. You can create your own endowment fund to preserve your commitment in the long term to Centraide’s area(s) of action that are in line with your choices and philanthropic priorities.

Read the brochure

Gifts of RRSPs or RRIFs

Retirement savings plans are one of the most highly taxed assets. Learn how you can make a significant bequest to Centraide and its Foundation while reducing your estate taxes.

Read the brochure

Your planned gift is in good hands

All bequests and other planned gifts are invested in an endowment fund that is managed by the Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation, wich has a policy that guides its investment choices and provides a portion of this investment income to Centraide every year. The Foundation works with experienced external professionals so that its investment performance is in line with set goals.

For more information, or if you have already made a gift in your will or made other planned giving arrangements, please fill out the form below or contact Emanuel Euvrard, [email protected].

Consult your financial advisor

The Planned Giving team can assist you in the strictest confidence. We also encourage you to contact your legal or financial advisor for more information about the type of charitable gift that best suits your goals and the needs of you and your family.

Get even better returns on your investment.

Donate stock and make an even bigger impact!

3 reasons stock donations are a strategic way to give

You get the same tax credit as you would for a cash donation.

You don’t pay tax on capital gains since you aren’t selling your shares.

Thanks to these tax savings, you can make an even bigger donation and have a bigger impact.

*For which you have realized substantial capital gains (corporate stock, stock which has increased in value, etc.).
**This assumes a cost basis of the shares of $1,000 and a 48.22% marginal tax rate.

Talk to your financial advisor today about the best stock to donate from your portfolio.

Ready to donate your stock?

Simply fill out the form bellow and send it to us!

For more information about the process, your broker may contact us, by phone at 514 288-1261, or [email protected].


Brokerage account information for Centraide of Greater Montreal

After returning the Gift of Securities form to Centraide, please share our brokerage account information with your broker so that s/he can initiate the transfer of shares.

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