50 years of solidarity, generosity and social impact

September 21, 2023 •  By Centraide
Foule au lancement de campagne 2023

Centraide shines a light on a year of celebrations

For over 50 years, we have built bridges between people, created human bonds, and written a history of solidarity, generosity and social impact that has left an indelible mark on our community.

As we launch our 50th fundraising campaign, we are proud to invite you to a unique celebration that will last an entire year.

50 years of solidarity

Since our very beginnings in 1974, we have been guided by solidarity with our community. We have seen so many people extend a helping hand to others and the entire community rally together to support vulnerable people.

50 years of generosity

Over the past five decades, we have witnessed generosity in all its forms. Centraide’s commitment along with donations of all sizes have made a real impact on thousands of people around us and profoundly changed their lives.

50 years of social impact

Over the years, we have broken the cycle of poverty for many families, fostered the success of young people who are now accomplished adults, filled empty fridges, given a home to those without one, helped seniors overcome their isolation, promoted the inclusion of marginalized people, and much more. Our actions have changed lives, transformed neighbourhoods, and renewed hope.

A year of activities 

This 50th campaign will be much more than a simple anniversary, as we will also be celebrating this very special year with a series of major events:

  • Concerts in parks with the Orchestre Métropolitain and the Orchestre symphonique de Laval, two musical ensembles with deep roots in their communities.
  • Murals by well-known street artists in neighbourhoods across Greater Montreal.
  • Open house days to help people discover the community agencies in our territory.

And much more…

We are joining forces with dedicated partners to raise one-time, major and planned gifts, share inspiring content about our 50-year history, and showcase the people who have kept our mission going decade after decade.

Over the past 50 years, we have written an incredible history of solidarity, generosity and social impact. Today, we invite you to write the next chapter with us. Stay tuned for more details.

1 out of 5 people receives our help.
5 out of 5 people benefit from it.

Let’s all lend a hand

Supporting a network of over 375 community agencies also means promoting an inclusive, poverty-free society.