Fighting poverty
and social exclusion

Greater Montreal1 is home to 60% of Quebecers living in poverty, or 315,000 people2.

Poverty affects more single-parent families, single individuals, people with disabilities, recent immigrants or those with precarious status, and members of visible minorities.

Poverty can be persistent or temporary, brought on by difficult situations (job loss, family upheaval, mental health issues, difficult immigration experiences, etc.) or other factors (age, disability, ethnocultural background, etc.).

Poverty has a significant impact on several aspects of life, including academic success, housing conditions, food security, physical and mental health, and life expectancy.

Poverty is a major cause of social exclusion, just as social exclusion is in turn a barrier to overcoming poverty. It’s a vicious cycle!

Poverty is not an individual issue. It concerns everyone! Poverty has a cost, as it deprives society of its full pool of talent and resources. It costs Quebec between $15.7 and 17 billion per year.

  1. Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)
  2. According to the Market Basket Measure (MBM)

One mission

Taking action together for an inclusive Greater Montreal without poverty.

Four areas of action