Spreading support: 8 ideas to pull together as we keep our distance

March 19, 2020 •  By Centraide
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The COVID-19 pandemic makes us all more vulnerable as we worry about the spread of the disease, work interruptions, financial insecurity, upheavals in our daily routines, and our loss of social life.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to think about those around us. For example, let’s make sure that the seniors we know don’t lack for anything, that people with mental health problems get extra reassurance, and that isolated people get the information and support they need.

Let’s keep showing our local love for everyone’s well-being. Here are 8 ideas we can all apply to care for our loved ones and our community as we continue to social distance.

  1. Above all, stay positive and lend a helping hand to others.
  2. Call anyone confined to their homes. Ask if they need anything. Drop off cooked meals while following guidelines for social distancing. Help them order groceries online if they aren’t if they’re not familiar with the process.
  3. Reassure vulnerable people, especially those with mental health problems, whose condition may become exacerbated during this difficult time.
  4. Join community sharing sites on social media created by many neighbourhoods and municipalities. You can find requests for practical services along with a spirit of community and mutual support. 
  5. Buy your supplies from local stores. These businesses are also going through hard times. While some shops are closed, their online platforms are still active. Many restaurants have developed new delivery and takeout services.
  6. Show courtesy in your buying behaviour. Leave enough for others.
  7. While your children are off school, get them to write to their grandparents or a family member who lives alone.
  8. If you have time to spare, contact your local volunteer bureau to find out what the needs are. They can let you know what you can do even while respecting public health guidelines.