Our unwavering
community supporters

We can count on the support of those who follow us from our website, social networks, newsletters, and direct mail. The invaluable support of the individuals in the community inspires us day after day.

The individuals in the community contribute to Centraide through one-time or monthly personal donations. Every donation is important, from the smallest to largest amount. When it’s added to the donations from thousands of other donors, it becomes a powerful force for our communities.

Every dollar donated to Centraide is invested judiciously, contributes to change, and has a lasting impact on the living conditions of vulnerable people.

As a donor to Centraide, you’ll receive :

  • Information on local issues in Greater Montreal through our various communication tools
  • Volunteer opportunities within our network of community agencies
  • The pride of belonging to a network that is in solidarity with the most vulnerable



Throughout the fall, the strength of our network came together in a grand online mosaic built in real time.

Centraide’s campaign partners as well as donors, community agencies and the public were invited to add their photos to show how much they care about Greater Montreal and how proud they are to belong to our unique community.

Take a look at the final mosaic to get a full overview of the diversity of our initiatives and actions of support. Don’t hesitate to share it on social media!

Note: We created this virtual mosaic after having to cancel our traditional March of 1,000 Umbrellas, a flagship event of our annual campaign that brings together thousands of people, businesses, agencies, partners and the general public in the streets of downtown Montreal each year for a march of solidarity.