Working together
and striving for lasting solutions

Forge links within the community

Every community is unique. By forging strong ties with each community, particularly through neighbourhood round tables, we learn about the needs, issues (poverty, school dropouts, access to housing, food insecurity, senior isolation, etc.), and the dynamics that characterize the community. We also work with the various institutions involved in these communities (schools, health network, municipalities), with whom we’ve established solid partnerships over the years.

This approach has allowed us to establish priorities and identify the agencies that are in the best position to take action, always with the aim of having maximum impact on the living conditions of the most vulnerable.

Supporting leading community agencies

Beyond the quality of their initiatives, which focus on sustainable solutions, all of the agencies supported by Centraide are the leaders in their community and positioned to act as drivers. These agencies are active at neighbourhood round tables and involved in collective actions with other partners in their community. They have sound management practices and effective governance, as well as the means to evaluate and communicate their results.

Strategic social development orientations for Centraide of Greater Montreal 2017-2021

The strategies and actions that will be taken over a five-year period to achieve targeted goals on poverty reduction and social exclusion.