Connecting is fundamental

October 17, 2019 •  By Centraide
Témoignage Loretta

Loretta found out about Centraide through a workplace campaign and has been a Leader Donor for 16 years now.

“How could I resist giving more support to my fellow human beings?”

“My name is Loretta. I was born here, grew up here, and went to school here. I am part of the first generation of my family to graduate from university. I got my first job at the same company I work at today, decades later. That’s where I found out about Centraide. I quickly became a donor who is happy to help her community.

One day, I found documents on my desk inviting me to become a Leader Donor. I was surprised: I already gave, and now they were asking me to give more? I picked up the documents and went home.

At the time, I had just adopted a kitten. That evening, I gave her all sorts of food, from cheap brands to expensive ones. Of course, my kitten loved the most expensive kind. I remember looking at her and saying, “Nothing but the best for you, my dear!” Then I noticed the Centraide brochure on the table. How could I say something like that to a pet but resist giving more to support my fellow human beings? That day, I became a Leader Donor and have been one for 16 years.

The importance of family was instilled in me  very early on. My parents supported me in everything I did. I was also very lucky to work for a company that highly values volunteering, donating and otherwise supporting the local community. This reinforces our community ties and our ability to be more empathetic to people’s experiences. At work, Centraide is part of the family.

I recently met a man named Darquis who gets help from an agency supported by Centraide. When I heard that he had found a family at the agency, it really struck a chord with me. We are social beings. Isolation is absolutely one of the most difficult things to go through, and one of the hardest to break out of. I find it incredible to hear about the strength and resilience of someone like Darquis. I am very grateful to have had the chance to meet someone like him. He helped me put a face to my donation and understand its impact. Our connection is very rewarding. I will cherish that experience for the rest of my life and share it with others.”

— Loretta