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November 1, 2023 •  By Centraide
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Have you made a planned gift to Centraide in your will or are you considering it? If so, this is a gift that will extend your relationship with Centraide into the future and let your generosity live on as your legacy. We want to recognize it.

Whether you choose to leave a gift in will or make some other form of planned giving, letting us know ensures your donation will reach its intended recipient without a snag. Your gift will pass on your values of caring and generosity to future generations. Sharing your intentions helps keep your support for the mission of Centraide of Greater Montreal alive.

Why would we like to know?

Your long-term commitment deserves to be appropriately acknowledged. In recognition of your planned gift, we would be pleased to welcome you as a member of our Generations’ Circle. It’s a way of thanking you now for your future gift. And the members of the Generations’ Circle are models of giving who encourage others to do likewise.

Advance knowledge of your legacy gift also helps us forecast our financial capacity and plan our long-term support for the agencies. Knowledge to enable planning and support is a principle that underlies Centraide’s investments for the benefit of the community.

A model of giving

Pierre Comtois has been supporting Centraide for years and is planning to leave a legacy gift for the agencies he supports. “My planned gift will help support the organization even when I’m long gone,” he says. For Mr. Comtois, giving is a family affair. He’s always spoken openly about philanthropy, because “it sets a good example for our children. These are important values I want to pass on in my family.”

It’s also why he talks about planned giving with everyone he knows—friends, acquaintances and extended family alike. “I know plenty of people who could afford to leave a planned or legacy gift but they just aren’t aware of the options.”

It’s important to tell people about your giving and let your actions inspire others.

When is the right time to let us know?

Whether you are thinking of leaving a gift in your will, making a gift of life insurance or setting up an endowment fund, you can discuss your planned gift to Centraide with us as soon as you start considering it. This will give you access to useful information and relevant documentation to help make your wish to support Centraide a reality.

What if I change my mind?

A will is a legal document but it can be revoked. It’s always up to you. You can make any changes or stipulations you wish, and it’s recommended that you update your will periodically. For example, you could change the type of legacy gift or add other recipient organizations to your bequest alongside Centraide at any time.

Support Centraide now and in the days to come

Announcing your bequest, or any other form of planned gift, demonstrates your commitment to Centraide and your confidence in our role in the community. Furthermore, the capital from donations such as yours generates sustainable income that will provide long-term support for the agencies and for projects that address future needs.

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Your gift will pass on your values of caring and generosity to future generations. Sharing your intentions helps keep your support for the mission of Centraide of Greater Montreal alive.

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To let us know about a gift in your will or other form of planned donation, contact a member of the Planned Giving Department by phone at 514-350-7295, by email at [email protected], or by completing the online form. It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have.

Every planned gift has a story and many donors have told us about what motivated them to make a planned gift.

For example, Micheline Labelle, a professor emeritus in sociology at UQAM, explained her reasons to Le Devoir for a special section on philanthropy that they published  on November 12, 2022. Her touching testimonial shows how you can make a gift in your will to honour the memory of a loved one while providing lasting solutions for future generations in Greater Montreal.
Discover her testimony (available in French only).

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