Co-chairs of the 2021 Centraide Campaign

May 17, 2021 •  By Cristina Roque
Photos de Maria Della Posta et de Darryl White

Centraide of Greater Montreal annouces co-chairs for its 2021 campaign

Montreal, May 17, 2021  The business community is already mobilizing for Centraide of Greater Montreal’s 2021 campaign, which will officially launch this fall. The campaign cabinet will be co-chaired by Maria Della Posta, President of Pratt & Whitney Canada, and Darryl White, CEO of BMO Financial Group.  

These volunteers will work with 80 leaders from a variety of activity sectors. The campaign cabinet will support Centraide’s efforts to raise donations from companies and organizations.  

This funding will support hundreds of community agencies that provide essential services to vulnerable populations hit hard by the health crisis. Much remains to be done in the face of growing inequalities and ever-increasing needs. Donor support in the coming months will be crucial, especially as the social impacts of the pandemic continue to unfold.   

Our campaign teams and volunteers are already hard at work to solicit the donations that Centraide’s entire agency network depends on.  

Engaged partners and volunteers 

Pratt & Whitney Canada and BMO are two of Centraide’s long-standing corporate partners. Their support lets Centraide carry out initiatives and projects to meet needs and fight poverty and social exclusion in Greater Montreal. 

Maria Della Posta and Darryl White are very active in the community and have built strong relationships with Centraide through their volunteer involvement over the years. 

Ms. Della Posta was a member of the Board of Directors of Centraide of Greater Montreal from 2013 to 2018. She served on its Strategic Committee on Philanthropy in 2014-2015. She was also a Centraide campaign sponsor at Pratt & Whitney in 2010. 

Mr. White has volunteered with Centraide United Way for many years and has been involved with the organization in Montreal, New York, Chicago and Toronto.  

About Centraide of Greater Montreal 

Centraide of Greater Montreal is active in the territories of Laval, Montreal and the South Shore. It regularly supports a network of 350 agencies and collective projects every year. Centraide has a presence in 18 regions in Quebec and is supported by private, public and parapublic corporations and institutions as well as large trade unions. The money it raises is invested locally to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion. For more information: