Emergency Fund

March 20, 2020 •  By Cristina Roque

Montreal, March 20, 2020 – Centraide of Greater Montreal is calling on everyone’s generosity so that we can implement exceptional measures to help isolated and vulnerable people in Greater Montreal. Requests for assistance are exploding, and we need your support to continue the collective effort and get through this crisis.

Many people are confined to their homes, either because of their age or because they are in self-isolation. Many families in a situation of poverty who normally use food banks can no longer access them, as most services are suspended or heavily affected due to the ban on public gatherings and the drastic reduction in volunteers, who are forced to stay home.

Our first priority is ensuring food security for everyone

To ensure that no one is in a situation of food insecurity, all agencies are working very hard to redefine their activities to meet needs. For example, some collective cooking activities are being replaced with frozen meal preparation for home deliveries. Agencies therefore need kitchen volunteers, cars and drivers, delivery people, and more, all of which require additional human and financial resources.


All donations to Centraide from now until April 30 will go to this emergency fund that will concretely:

Respond to emergency food needs
Food distribution from food banks (such as the Montreal, Laval and South Shore Moisson network) to agencies, which are making food baskets and/or individual meals and providing them to people in need.

Reinforce the capacity of listening, support and referral services, which are getting more and more calls 

Addition of human resources to meet the needs of vulnerable and isolated people, such as seniors, immigrants, individuals with mental health problems, people struck by the virus, and anyone facing income loss, food insecurity, or violence.

In this time of crisis, let’s spread support and keep showing our local love, for everyone’s benefit!