all over the greater Montreal area

This directory presents all the community agencies that receive financial support from Centraide to take action against poverty and exclusion in the neighbourhoods, towns, and villages of Greater Montreal.

To find agencies sort by name, territory, or area of activity or enter a postal code to list community agencies according to their proximity.

Are you looking for assistance from an agency? Dial 211 on your telephone. Someone will direct you to the approproriate resources.

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Accueils Au cœur de l'enfance
Amal - Centre pour femmes / Amal - Center for women
CARI St-Laurent
Centre communautaire Bon Courage de Place Benoît
Centre d'action bénévole et communautaire Saint-Laurent
Centre d'initiatives pour le développement communautaire l'Unité
Comité des Organismes Sociaux de Saint-Laurent (COSSL) (Le) - Démarche Nourrir St-Laurent
Comité des organismes sociaux de St-Laurent
Comité logement Saint-Laurent
Moisson Montréal