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all over the greater Montreal area

This directory presents all the community agencies that receive financial support from Centraide to take action against poverty and exclusion in the neighbourhoods, towns, and villages of Greater Montreal.

To find agencies sort by name, territory, or area of activity or enter a postal code to list community agencies according to their proximity.

Are you looking for assistance from an agency? Dial 211 on your telephone. Someone will direct you to the approproriate resources.

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Almage Senior Community Centre
Intervention sector
Antre-Jeunes de Mercier-Est (L')
Intervention sector
Chez-nous de Mercier-Est (Le)
Intervention sector
Frigo de l'Est
Infologis de l'est de l'île de Montréal
Intervention sector
Income, housing and consumer services
Maison des familles de Mercier-Est (La)
Intervention sector
Service d'éducation et de sécurité alimentaire de Mercier-Est (SÉSAME)
Intervention sector
Food security
Solidarité Mercier-Est
Intervention sector
Neighbourhood round tables