Getting involved in life at Centraide

February 19, 2021 •  By Centraide
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Being part of the Centraide team is also a chance to get involved with different committees created by and for employees. Getting involved in the life of our organization can help you further different interests and skills outside of your work.

Workshops and training 

Beyond the career development services offered by the Human Resources team, this committee sets up training activities to improve employee skills and knowledge on a variety of subjects. 


Laughter yoga workshops, relaxation sessions, and stress management classes are all activities organized by the wellness committee to foster an enjoyable and “zen” work environment for employees. This committee greatly helps to uplift our moods at work. 

Sustainable development 

As the guardians of our sustainable development practices, members of this committee organize awareness activities and training and create tools so that we can easily adopt sustainable practices at work. 

Diversity and inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are pillars of our mission and keys to helping our organization develop its full potential. This committee works to implement best practices to ensure that anyone can fully participate regardless of their age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnic or cultural background.  

Social life 

Who said you can’t have a fun Halloween and Christmas party on Zoom? Despite social distancing, this year’s online get-togethers put joy in everyone’s hearts. These special moments were made possible by our social committee, which is always ready to lead us in activities and always outdoes itself to come up with original projects, activities and events.  

Change oversight 

The philanthropic and social development communities that we operate in are constantly changing. Always open to employees’ concerns, the change oversight committee is here to support teams through any change process.