Park Extension Youth Organization (PEYO)


Improve the quality of life of residents of the Parc-Extension district, with particular emphasis on youth and families.


Extracurricular parent-child activities (arts and storytelling), hip-hop workshop, Internet access, vacation club, community kitchen, mealson- wheels, job entry program, computer workshops, sports and recreation, catering service, street work, enhancement of the parental role, operation of a youth arts centre, collaboration with École Barthélémy-Vimont.

The Park Extension Youth Organization (PEYO) is the trustee for the upcoming Park Extension Neighbourhood Round Table.The Park Extension Neighbourhood Round Table uses a social justice approach to improve residents’ living conditions and empower them to control the fate of their neighbourhoods.


Jo-An Audrey Jetté
419, rue Saint-Roch
Bureau SS12
Montréal QC
H3N 1K2

Tel : (514) 278-7396
Fax : (514) 278-7768