A sustainable income
for Centraide

The mission of the Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation is to build and grow significant ongoing capital. Bequests, life insurance policies, endowment funds and other forms of planned gifts to Centraide are invested in the Foundation, which ensures that these donations grow over time to provide Centraide with sustainable income.

The Foundation invests these donations responsibly in the hope that they will grow over time.

Moreover, the Foundation’s audit and investment committee is responsible for overseeing the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors (ESG) in the investment process and providing guidance for the Foundation’s investment decisions.






In 2021, the Foundation has awarded to Centraide close to $1.6 million, which has been judiciously invested to fight poverty and exclusion in the Greater Montreal community.  

Financial Statements 2021-2022

The Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation, which was created to guarantee a disbursement quota to Centraide each year, also had an exceptional year that was marked by the pandemic.

Financial Statements 2021-2022 Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation