National Philanthropy Day: A tribute to our donors

November 15, 2022 •  By Centraide
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The diverse people who donate to Centraide are invaluable to helping Greater Montreal change, evolve, adapt and grow with its community. Together, they extend Centraide’s impact across the entire territory.

Who are our 98,000 donors?

New donors and seasoned philanthropists

Our individual donors contribute from $1 to $1 million a year.  For Centraide, every donation matters, big or small. The total donation amount is what drives powerful action in our communities, especially when added to the investments of Centraide’s other social development partners. This means that anyone, from new donors to seasoned philanthropists, can take action and contribute to Greater Montreal’s well-being.

Together, donors make an even bigger difference.
All donations let Centraide act on many issues and invest in many community agencies that work every day to prevent problems, find solutions, and improve the living conditions of thousands of people.

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Young workers and retirees

Centraide donors come from all walks of life, ages, and genders and from diverse communities: women and men; business leaders, professionals and office workers; students and retired staff; the young and the old; and the wealthy and the not so wealthy. Their motivations are as varied as the interests that inspire them: to fight poverty and social exclusion, to act against inequalities, to build a better world, or because they feel fortunate and want to give back. What they all have in common, however, is a desire to help people in need.

While they may have different profiles and motivations,
all Centraide donors want to help people in need.

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Workplace donors and community donors

The majority of Centraide donors contribute through workplace fundraising campaigns, and many give through automatic donations deducted from every pay. Others give one-time or monthly personal donations. In addition to workplace donors, Centraide can also count on the support of community donors who find Centraide on its website, follow it on social media, or subscribe to its newsletters.


Percentage of workplace donors

Emerging philanthropists and legacy donors

Because supporting the next generation is important, Centraide has created the Emerging Philanthropists Committee for 18- to 35-year-olds. Some donors see their commitment grow so much over time that they become members of the Leaders’ Circle or even the Major Donors’ Circle. In addition to contributing to the annual campaign, other donors in the Generations Circle support our mission over the long term by including a gift to Centraide in their wills or opting for another form of planned giving.


Leader Donors
(who give $1,200 or more)


Major Donors
(who give $10,000 or more)

Centraide donors stay committed over time and increase or change their gifts depending on their professional and personal circumstances. Some start out as donors and then become influential volunteers who raise money among their peers.

When I moved to Saint-Henri in Montreal, I was struck by the level of poverty, particularly the poverty that hits many brave people who, despite having a job, simply can’t get by. I feel lucky, as I have not had many setbacks and I know that life can turn upside down in a heartbeat.” 

Sandrine Tremblay
Founder and CEO, Krome Services

SMEs and large corporations

 Centraide works with businesses, organizations and unions of all sizes and in all sectors throughout Greater Montreal. In addition to making major donations, these organizations also run employee workplace campaigns for Centraide. The combined efforts of thousands of volunteers, organizers and donors raise millions of dollars each year.


Corporate donors

Foundations throughout the city

In 2015, Centraide introduced the Collective Impact Project (CIP), a new form of community development support tailored to profound changes in the philanthropic environment. Eight donor foundations involved in the CIP provide customized support to help Montreal neighbourhoods actively engage in social development that fits with their local action plans.

8 foundations

CIP partner foundations

1 out of 5 people receives our help.
5 out of 5 people benefit from it.

Let’s all lend a hand

Supporting a network of over 375 community agencies also means promoting an inclusive, poverty-free society.