Help people experiencing a crisis

To find new hope when all seems lost

Difficult life events (death, divorce, job loss, illness) can push some people to the edge of despair. For them, finding the right support is already an enormous step to finding new balance. 

Thanks to your donations, Centraide supports a network of 62 agencies and projects that work with vulnerable people, whether they are in a situation of crisis or difficulty (the homeless, victims of domestic violence) or have a mental health problem. An annual investment of $4.5 M.

These agencies focus on specific initiatives depending on the needs of the clients they serve. Ultimately, they aim to improve the quality of life and living conditions of these individuals, break their social isolation and foster their independence.


Concrete and lasting initiatives:

  • Listening, information and referral services
  • Respite and support groups
  • Individual support
  • Clothing and emergency food assistance
  • Legal and financial advice
  • Education and defence of rights