Outstanding agencies and projects

La Relance Jeunes et Familles

Established in 1968 in the Center-Sud district, La Relance Jeunes et Familles is a community education resource that focuses on helping children aged 0 to 12 reach their full potential.

NDG Community Council

Since being founded in 1948, the NDG Community Council has been a leader in neighbourhood community development. 

Option consommateurs

Option consommateurs (OC) is part of Quebec's network of household economic cooperatives (known as “ACEF”). For almost 35 years, it has helped vulnerable consumers...

The FruiGumes mobile farmer's market of the CERH

The FruiGumes mobile farmer's market was started in July 2017. This project launched by the Centre d’entraide régional d’Henryville (CERH) addresses the lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables...

Citizen Advocacy Haut-Richelieu

“I used to be afraid…” These are the words of a person who receives services from Citizen Advocacy Haut-Richelieu.

Centre de femmes du Haut-Richelieu

In 2015, the Centre de femmes du Haut-Richelieu brought together eight community agencies to create a collective garden.

Centre d'intégration à la vie active (C.I.V.A.)

Youth with disabilities have their entire lives ahead of them, but when their school careers end, they can often find that many doors are closed.

Mouvement PHAS

Harnessing the strength of a network to make everyone stronger: this is what Mouvement PHAS has done, on behalf of hundreds of individuals and agencies, to defend the right of people with disabilities...

Centre de femmes du Haut-Richelieu

That residents should lack access to healthy food in a territory where 90% of the land is reserved for agriculture may seem surprising.

One tomato at a time Project

One tomato at a time is a collective community gardening project that has been operating since 2012 in the Desmarchais-Crawford neighbourhood of Verdun.

Parrainage civique les Marronniers/Jarry Deuxième café bistro

A year ago, Parrainage civique les Marronniers (PCM) took the gamble of investing in the potential of youth with intellectual disabilities and breaking down prejudice... through people's taste buds.

Action-Gardien, table de concertation communautaire de Pointe-Saint-Charles

Thanks to the Action-Gardien round table in Pointe-Saint-Charles, residents in this neighbourhood have been playing an active role for 10 years to help everyone benefit from development in the community.

Third Avenue Resource Centre

Empower parents from immigrant backgrounds to develop their ability to become actively involved in their neighbourhood and in their children’s school.

Comité d'actions nord-ouest

Ease tensions that undermine daily life in a ghettoized area of the Saint-Michel neighbourhood: this is the mission of the Comité d’actions nord-ouest...

1,2,3 GO! Saint-Michel / Femmes-Relais

The "femmes-relais" are immigrant women serving as community outreach workers. They wear a number of hats-guide, liaison officer, interpreter-in their undertaking to facilitate the integration of new immigrant women...

Volunteer Access, for «The Human Chain of Volunteers of all Origins»

The “Human Chain of Volunteers of all Origins” is a unifying event initiated by Volunteer Access in collaboration with 12 community agencies.