Alexandra Vaillancourt

April 2009

Alexandra Vaillancourt is an example of outstanding volunteer involvement in the community. Since 2007, she has been active at the Centre d’action bénévole de Saint-Hubert, a volunteer action centre, devoting a large part of her school holidays to its Meals-on-Wheels. Whether working as a cook’s helper, slicing vegetables or delivering meals to client’s homes, she always brings cheerful enthusiasm to the task. Alexandra also helps with the organization, logistics and sales for the agency’s fundraising.

As well, she devotes several of her weekends to manning promotional stands for the Centre d’action bénévole. Always eager share the values of volunteering, Alexandra has convinced eight other young people to register with the agency.

Alexandra shows a lot of spirit and perseverance in her volunteer work. The seriousness with which she takes her broad social involvement is admirable.

Centraide has supported the Centre d’action bénévole de Saint-Hubert since 1975.