Service d'aide et de liaison pour immigrants - La Maisonnée


Facilitate the social and occupational integration of newly arrived immigrants, help them at all stages of their settlement in Quebec, and raise awareness in the host society and among new immigrants of the advantages of learning to live together, strengthening social ties and promoting values.


Listening, information, referral, orientation, settlement assistance, French-language courses, job-search and placement assistance, job-search workshops, emergency food assistance, food buying groups, advocacy, leisure activities, summer camp, academic support (homework assistance) and school drop-out prevention, courses in citizen participation, conferences and symposiums, computer training, socio-cultural activities.


Hassan Hassani
6865, avenue Christophe-Colomb
Montréal QC
H2S 2H3

Tel : (514) 271-3533
Fax : (514) 271-1910