Rolls-Royce Canada

Denis Giangi with the members of his team, Rolls-Royce Canada


Rolls-Royce Canada

Winner of the 2018 Solidaires Corporate Commitment
(999 employees or less)


Rolls-Royce employees have a unique commitment to the community agencies in Centraide's network. In 2017, no fewer than 14 days of caring were organized with staff. To grow donations, Rolls-Royce increased their communications and activities, which included talks with spokespeople, involvement of management, the increased presence of the union, many prizes with different draws, neighbourhood tours, and agency visits for Leaders (donors of $1,200 and more). All of these essential components for a successful campaign led to a final result that increased over last year.

The support of senior management was also very inspiring. Since 2017, management increased its participation by matching donations from all employees. The president is a member of the Executive Committee of the Industry / Transportation Division of Centraide's Campaign Cabinet and shows his support for Centraide by regularly attending the many caring activities and agency visits. Rolls-Royce’s senior management is also a role model for company leaders who want to invest in the community.

The Solidaires Corporate Commitment is awarded to a company that has run an exceptional campaign supported by upper management and that has shown exemplary partnership and commitment to Centraide.