Local 522, Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union of Canada (C.E.P.) - CAE

Sophie Albert, Union President, and Robert Leclerc, Vice President, Global Engineering, Technology and Operations, and director of the Centraide campaign, with the members of their team. Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (C.E.P.), Local Section 522 – CAE is the winner of the Solidaires Trade Union Support.

A model of union engagement that impacted all campaigns results

In the face of a highly charged environment, aerospace companies must redouble their efforts to remain competitive.

Despite this challenging situation, CAE once again exceeded its goals and beat it own record during its 2012 Centraide campaign.

The major and constant involvement of the company’s management team and union teams was a critical success factor. Every effort was made to encourage unionized employees to support Centraide’s cause.

The union president played a very active role, notably by serving on the organizing committee and writing a letter of support. This year for the first time, the organizing committee created a sub-committee composed solely of unionized employees, and identified a “Centraide Ambassador” to provide it with tailored support.

The campaign strategy was developed jointly with union representatives, and training workshops were offered to the union representatives in a Centraide supported agency. As well, tailored information and awareness meetings were organized for employee groups, even for the evening and night shifts.

All these activities reflected the campaign’s humanized approach, centred on personalized canvassing.

Their result was to significantly increase the campaign participation rate of unionized employee: the number of unionized donors soared by 55%, and their total contribution grew by 27%.

This outstanding union support had a positive impact on the entire Centraide campaign at CAE.