Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation

The mission of the Centraide of Greater Montreal Foundation is to amass and grow permanent funds from bequests, life insurance policies, endowed funds and retirement plans. All net proceeds flow to Centraide of Greater Montreal on an annual basis. 

Centraide would like to express our deep thanks to all those who made a gift to the Centraide Foundation between 2007 and 2013.

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Discover exceptional donors

Claude Clossey

Some legacies are the continuation of giving and engagement that has happened throughout a lifetime. Many people give to children and grandchildren, some also give tocauses they volunteered with or were very close to during their lifetimes.

Leo Scherman

Leo Scherman was concerned for the well-being of the greater community, which led him to leave a gift for Centraide in his will. “Leo’s greatest wish with his donation was to help people avoid hunger and suffering.”

Louise Lépine

In her will, Louise Lépine bequeathed a significant amount to Centraide, knowing that in doing so she was helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting families, youth and children.

Anne Hébert

Anne Hébert created worlds of her own making through her writing. And she will always continue to create a better Montreal through her bequest to Centraide.