Get involved

Organize an #UNIGNORABLE workplace campaign

  • Give your co-workers the chance to get involved in their community.
  • Build team spirit and create pride in working together toward a common goal.
  • Develop a corporate culture that values generosity and community spirit.
  • Cement your company’s image within the community.
  • Reinforce the message communicated to the public.
  • Help make Greater Montreal a stronger and fairer place to be.


Become a Loaned Representative

  • Have a unique experience in a stimulating environment.
  • Work with a team of engaged philanthropic advisors who are driven to achieve excellence.
  • Get to know a variety of organizations, from small businesses to large companies, that operate in all economic sectors.
  • Access training, coaching, and over 500 hours of experience in many areas.


Become a volunteer at an agency in our network

  • Contribute to others’ well-being. Get a great sense of satisfaction.
  • Meet people who share your values.
  • Share your expertise.