Your gift


10 families in need get a grocery basket filled with fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, bread and treats.


90 people without decent housing get the support they need to make a social housing request.


350 needy people receive a hot meal, while benefiting from the assistance of an on-site community worker.


460 tomato plants can be planted in a network of 7 collective gardens that provide fresh produce to neighbourhood families.

Take care of the essentials


Poverty, social isolation and food insecurity can often go unnoticed. Just ask Darquis, who spent years hiding in his basement before getting the help he needed from one of the 350 agencies supported by Centraide. Today, he has found a new family and a reason to leave the house thanks to the generosity of people like Loretta, without whom Centraide couldn’t support its network of agencies, which act where needs are greatest.



Did you know?

In Greater Montreal, many people live in inadequate housing or housing they can't afford.

No family should spend more than 30% of its household income on rent. But when you work for minimum wage, it's impossible not to exceed this ratio. And since rent and bills have to be paid first, other essential needs such as food and clothing get cut.

Centraide acts

By providing lasting solutions so that individuals and families can meet their essential needs.