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Parents, residents, agencies, police officers and schools meet and work together to implement measures to make neighbourhood children safe.


8 recent immigrants find a way to contribute to their new society while developing their network thanks to the volunteer bureau
in their neighbourhood.


5 employees from a community agency are trained on how to coach their volunteers and get the most out of their skills.


17 staff members from Centraide-supported agencies take part in a day-long training session on best practices in order to work effectively with vulnerable individuals.

Build caring communities

Mario, Ken and Virginie: three donors and volunteers inspired by Centraide.

Did you know?

Neighbourhood residents, organizations and institutions are joining forces more and more to find solutions to the problems they encounter.

Through local round tables, they come together to work on issues related to poverty and social exclusion.

Centraide acts

By giving agencies the ability to play a leading role in improving the living conditions in their neighbourhoods.