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Neighbourhood round table

What exactly is a local round table?

  • An association of partners who belong to different networks (community, municipal, school, etc.) and operate in different fields of intervention (youth, seniors, mental health, food security, etc.).
  • A structured organization for discussion, mobilization and project development.

Why establish a round table?

  • To combine strengths.
  • Adopt a common vision of needs and solutions.
  • Develop collective projects.
  • Have a greater impact on poverty and exclusion.

What issues do the round tables tackle?

All issues that contribute to improving the social environment and living conditions: housing, food security, transportation, safety and security, access to recreation, sports and culture, citizen participation.


  • By mobilizing citizens.
  • Identifying the social issues specific to the community.
  • Finding ways to revitalize neighbourhoods, fight school dropout, facilitate the integration of the cultural communities, establish new services, etc.
  • Maintaining constant communication between the partners.

What support does Centraide provide?

  • It strengthens the community fabric by supporting the community agencies to ensure their stability and solidity.
  • Promotes community mobilization by supporting local round tables.
  • Strengthens the bridging leadership of local community actors.