TD Bank Group

TD Bank Group

TD Bank Group, winner of the 2019 Solidaires Mobilization, 1,000 plus employees.

For over 30 years, TD Bank Group has worked with Centraide of Greater Montreal to better our communities by contributing to their lasting social and economic development.

TD Bank Group spared no effort in 2018, as its business units launched a multitude of strategies to support the Centraide campaign. Here are just some of the strategies that TD deployed:

  • Appointing leaders in each division to implement local initiatives.
  • Setting specific challenges to increase donations.
  • Naming senior ambassadors in all business units and divisions to act as campaign coordinators.
  • Unveiling a memorial plaque with the names of all Leader Donors (people who give $1,200 or more). • Inaugurating the “Centraide Room” at their Montreal offices.
  • Sending out regular updates on progress toward campaign goals.
  • Setting up incentive programs, such as participation prizes.

In addition to these strategies, 34 awareness activities were organized in the company’s various business units.

Senior managers from TD also sit on the Centraide campaign cabinet and other committees.

TD Bank Group ran an impressive campaign that demonstrated its deep desire to make positive changes in the community. 

The Solidaires Mobilization is awarded to a company that has run an outstanding employee and/or Leadership campaign that is organized and structured and gets the entire organization involved in the Centraide cause.