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Proud heir to a long tradition of community service

Centraide of Greater Montreal stems from a group of charitable agencies that served different sectors of our community. It is the proud heir to a long tradition of community service.


The Federated Appeal of Greater Montreal was formed from the union of five federations that actively raised funds for distribution to social and community agencies in the dioceses of Montreal and Saint-Jean.

The founders

  • La Fédération des oeuvres de charité canadiennes-françaises
  • The United Red Feather
  • L’Association des oeuvres de santé
  • La Fédération et Conseil de bien-être de la Rive-Sud
  • The Federation of Catholic Community Services

The objectives

At the request of donor businesses, hold a single annual fundraising campaign in order to:

  • Canvass donors only once a year
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Raise more money

The first united campaign

It was launched on April 2, 1968, at Place Ville-Marie under the chairmanship of Jean Drapeau. It raised $9 million.


After working together for a few years, the federations decided to turn over all their activities to the Federated Appeal of Greater Montreal. In addition to conducting the annual fundraising campaign, the Federated Appeal would now distribute the proceeds as well.

The objectives

  • Conduct an annual fundraising campaign
  • Distribute the proceeds to community agencies so as to meet people’s real needs
  • Provide equitable services to all community groups in the Greater Montréal area
  • Provide sound financial management


On May 10, 1975, the Federated Appeal of Greater Montreal became Centraide Montreal. In October, Centraide launched its first campaign under its new name.


Centraide Montreal was renamed Centraide of Greater Montreal to better reflect the extent of its territorial coverage.

Support the community agencies of Greater Montreal by making a donation to Centraide:

+ Through your workplace campaign
+ Online now
Or take action by getting involved in the campaign!