Sound management

What proportion of the money raised by Centraide goes back into the community?

Of each dollar Centraide raises, 85 cents, or 85%, goes back into the Greater Montreal community in the form of grants to the agencies and projects it supports, and services to the community (research and social analysis, support and follow-up for the agencies, etc.).

With combined fundraising and operating costs of 15%, Centraide cuts a good figure in the philanthropic sector where, according to Imagine Canada, the average rate of overhead costs for non-profit agencies is 26%.

How does Centraide manage to return so much to the community?

Centraide is able to return the lion’s share of the money it raises (85%) to the Greater Montreal community thanks to the support of hundreds of companies and organizations that:

  • Administer themselves the payroll giving process for over 125,000 donors in the workplace;
  • Generously lend some 40 people for the duration of Centraide’s annual fund drive (3 months) to help organize the 1,400 workplace campaigns, thereby enabling Centraide to put together these campaigns at no cost;
  • Generously donate advertising space in the major media serving Quebec and the Montreal area;
  • Donate all kinds of services (loan of equipment, donation of products, etc.) to further reduce campaign costs;
  • Put the know-how and expertise of some 22,000 volunteers to work in organizing the workplace campaigns.

As well, every year some 50 volunteers generously devote over 2,000 hours of their time to visiting the agencies, studying their files and evaluating their outcomes. They also make funding recommendations to Centraide’s Board of Directors.

How do the community agencies use the money they receive from Centraide?

The money Centraide allocates to the agencies serves to provide them with a solid base to pursue their mission, and with additional funding to develop new projects and initiatives that arise in the community. Most of the community agencies’ costs cover interventions and activities aimed at supporting persons and families in difficulty.