Planned gifts

Give now to make a lasting gift

A planned gift is a charitable donation that will go to Centraide of Greater Montreal in the future. Each type of gift has different benefits.


A bequest is when you include Centraide of Greater Montreal in your will. The provision may be for a specific sum, a specific asset, or a percentage of your residuary estate.

Donations through life insurance

You may name Centraide of Greater Montreal as the owner or beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. 

Donations of retirement plan assets

You can also designate Centraide of Greater Montreal as the beneficiary of your registered retirement plan.

Life income gifts 

Life income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts, can be set up through a financial advisor. In addition to representing significant donations to Centraide of Greater Montreal, they also provide you with income and tax benefits.

Why make a planned gift to Centraide?

Below are some of the reasons donors choose a planned gift:

Community impact

You want to make sure your money is invested to help our community. 

Longevity of the cause

You don’t change your will very often and want to give to a cause that will be reliable and effective for many years to come.

You can give to both your family and Centraide

You don’t have to worry about choosing between your family members and Centraide in your will, as you can give Centraide a fixed sum or a percentage of your residual estate after all bequests have been made to your family.

Less tax

Like all charitable donations, a planned gift lets you save on taxes. Since your final tax return will include all income, including RRSPs and RRIFs (not transferred to a spouse), capital gains, and profits from the sale of a second home, a planned gift can significantly reduce the taxable portion of your estate.

To learn more about planned gifts

Please contact Marie-Hélène Laramée at 514 288-1261, extension 233, or