Why give?


Because you love Greater Montreal and you want everyone in our community to have the best possible living conditions. Unfortunately, social inequalities persist, and so many people still find themselves in a situation of poverty.

Although Montreal is ranked 2nd out of North America’s top 15 cities in terms of quality of life, it is unfortunately at the bottom (15th) in terms of people living in a situation of poverty.


Because it is important to combat poverty, whose impacts reinforce each other, are cumulative, and are passed from one generation to the next.



Because poverty is expensive.

It has a human cost that deprives society of many talents and resources and a financial cost to Quebeckers of $15 billion and $17 billion a year.
5 good reasons to choose Centraide 1 We make sound investments based on our in-depth knowledge of local issues. 2 We support effective agencies that are leaders in their neighbourhoods and the community network. 3 We have relationships with all social dev