Centraide’s inspired and diverse permanent staff work tirelessly to contribute their best to social and community development in Greater Montreal.

Management team members

Claude Pinard

President and Executive Director of Centraide of Greater Montreal

[email protected]

Claude Pinard has been President and Executive Director of Centraide of Greater Montreal since July 2021. Centraide is a strategic social investor that provides regular annual support to a network of 375 agencies and collective projects that fight poverty and social exclusion.

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Executive Management

Senior Director

Mario Régis

[email protected]

Social development

Senior Director – Impact in Communities

Camélia Zaki

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Impact in communities

Catherine Burrows

[email protected]
Director of Social Analysis and Evaluation

Julie Rocheleau

[email protected]
Vice President – Social Development

Marie-Lyne Brunet

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Collective Impact Project

Rotem Ayalon

[email protected]

Philanthropic development

Director – Planned giving

Emanuel Euvrard

[email protected]
Director – Development and mobilization

Jean-Christophe Cuttaz

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Major Donors and Individual Giving

Kaja Androjna

[email protected]
Vice President – Philanthropic Development

Maud Doualan

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Annual Campaign

Position to be filled

[email protected]
Senior Director – Major Donors and Individual Giving

Raphaël Desrues

[email protected]
Senior Director – Annual Campaign

William Hupke

[email protected]

Marketing and Technology

Director – Digital Fundraising Campaigns

Adeline Caron

[email protected]
Director – Digital Strategy and Direct Marketing

Bruno Chalifour

[email protected]
Senior Director – Marketing and Communications

Chantal Pouliot

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Events and Advertising

Gabrielle B.-Gagnon

[email protected]
Director – Data and Analytics Strategy

Joé Morin

[email protected]
Director – Project Management and Operational Excellence

Julie Boucher 

[email protected]
Vice president – Marketing and Technology

Julie Gagné

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Content and Brand Marketing

Léa Campinos

[email protected]
Director – Information Systems

Mélanie Dubé

[email protected]
Senior Director – Information Systems

Michel Tétreault

[email protected]

Human Resources

Vice President – Operations and Organizational performance

Brigitte Langevin

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Human Resources

Fanny Fournier-Ross

[email protected]
Assistant Vice President – Humain Resources

Marie Raedecker

[email protected]
Assistant Director – Organizational Development

Marilyn Arseneau

[email protected]

Finance and Administration

Director – Controls and Continuous Improvement in Donations Processing

David Luu

[email protected]
Director – Accounting and Financial Performance

Laura-Aracely Pinto

[email protected]
Assistant Vice President – Finance and Administration

Wiem Soufia

[email protected]

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