Bernard Cormier, Vice President, Human Resources, with the members of his team. CAE is the winner of the Solidaires Overall Support.

A model of loyalty and outperformance

Operating in a highly competitive environment, CAE had to restructure its organization and readjust its resources at the same time that its 2013 campaign was under way. In this difficult context, obtaining the best possible campaign results was a greater challenge than ever.

Under the leadership of CAE’s president, there was a major involvement of senior management that had a domino effect at all levels of the organization. Driving this effect were the enthusiastic and contagious enthusiasm of the vice-president for human resources, who acted as president of the in-house campaign, and the personalized canvassing of employees by managers.

The organizing committee was a key success factor as well. Its 15 members, most of whom had been involved in the Centraide campaign for several years, were assigned specific roles according to their field of expertize and the experience they had gained during previous fund drives. After fine-tuning the campaign, they pulled out all the stops to ensure its success.

Some twenty sub-committees were created in the company’s various divisions to facilitate communication, identify specific needs, plan activities and strengthen employees’ sense of belonging.

The committees pursued clear goals: inform employees of the campaign activities, raise their awareness, and encourage them to give through payroll deduction. They were backed up by an impressive team of 100 canvassers who were responsible for individually canvassing an average 25 employees each. The organizing committee also received support from the human resources department in getting in touch with employees working outside the country, who had been difficult to reach in the past.

All members of senior management made a contribution to the Centraide campaign, and 60 people made a leadership donation for the first time, including a record number of non-management employees.

The amount raised through special activities increased by 25% over the year before. These included dragon boat racing in June, a pizza-ghetti lunch, draws on employee family day to which retirees were invited, draws for many attractive prizes including trips and hockey tickets, and silent auctions for Air Mile points. Employee groups in which 50% or more of members gave through payroll deduction within the first 8 days of the campaign qualified for the Donnez tôt récoltez gros (Give early, win big) draw. A second draw was then created to give canvassers the opportunity to follow up on employees who had not yet made their donation.

In an outpouring of generosity, the company and its employees exceeded their goal, beat their own record, and contributed the biggest overall gift ever made to Centraide—while offering up a model of loyal commitment, passionate involvement and success.