Renewing itself to raise employee awareness even more

The Centraide employee campaign at CAE produced outstanding results in 2011, once again surpassing both its goal and its own record. Employee donations climbed by 5%, and Leadership donations of $1,000 or more by 8%.

The strategy of the campaign was to involve managers even more, concentrate greater efforts on raising donations through payroll deduction, and canvass employees individually in a respectful manner.

All campaign communications were personalized and centered on the proximity of community needs, featuring star Centraide-supported agencies located in the neighbourhoods where the majority of CAE employees live.

Thanks to an experienced team of employees on the organizing committee (each with a precise role to play in their area of expertise), concrete key messages for employees delivered during visits to community agencies, special activities, and effective communications tools (bookmarks, bulletin boards, intranet, a closed-circuit TV screen, newsletters), this highly structured campaign distinguished itself once again.